BattRE Electric Scooter Price, Specifications, Review, Top Speed, Features

BattRE Electric Scooter Price in India, Specifications, Review, Top Speed, Features 

BattRE is introduced high-quality electric scooters named Batt: Mobile at an affordable price supported by world-class service support. The BattRE Electric Scooter is launched in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Telangana states.

BattRE Electric Scooter designed for city life and its hustle and Bustle. It is designed to look good and work flawlessly, it makes life less complicated and worrying and ensures that you fully utilize its capacity.

BattRE Electric Scooter load compartment is one of the largest in the class, with a regular shape that helps you make the most of the space.

BattRE Electric Scooters Price in India review top speed

Its higher ground clearance provides this scooter a powerful position. BattRE Electric Scooter large alloy wheels cope effortlessly with any road and give a strong presence and enhanced traction.

BattRE Electric Scooter fitted with Disc brakes both front and rear along with an anti-theft alarm and ignition that fires up without having to the place the key.

BattRE Electric Scooter digital display helps you keep focused on the road ahead by putting as much information as possible directly in front of you.

BattRE Electric Scooter stylish and bold LED Head-lamp combined with equally appealing LED Tail- lamps and turn indicators provide this Electric Scooter with a unique urban look.

BattRE Electric Scooter ample of legroom would want you riding the electric horsepower more and more.


BattRE Electric Scooters Price in India 2023

BattRE Electric Scooters Price in India Specs Features & Images

Price: Rs.63,555*


BattRE Electric Scooters Specification

Scooter dimensions 1800 x 700 x 1100
Kerb weight 65 kgs
Controller 12 Tube Mosfet controller
Mileage 90 Km
Battery chemistry Lithium iron phosphate
Battery life 2000 cycles
Battery specifications 49v 30 Ah
Charger output 54.6 V 10 amp
Charging time 2.5 hours
Motor BLDC
Tyre Type Tubeless
Tyre size 90/100/10
Wheel Type Alloy wheels
Wheel Size 10*
Front brakes Disc brakes
Rear brakes Disc brakes
Odometer LCD TYPE
Rearview mirror Available
Seat type Single
Passenger Backrest Available
Passenger Footrest Available
Underseat storage Available
Front Suspension Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Rear Suspension Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Ground Clearance 150 mm
Head lamp LED
Tail lamp LED
turn single lamp LED
Wires 3MM Square (Cross-sectional)
Anti theft alarm Available
USB Charger Available
Keyless Ignition Available


 BattRE Electric Scooters Review Video

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