Tesla Roadster 2020 Price, Specs, Top Speed, Interior, Features, Wallpaper

Tesla Roadster 2020 Price, Specs, Top Speed, Interior, Features Overview

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Tesla Roadster 2020 Price Specs Top Speed Interior Features & Images

​The Tesla Roadster quickest car in the world, with record-setting acceleration, performance and range.

The Tesla Roadster is an upcoming all-electric battery-powered 4 seater sports car produced by Tesla, Inc.

Tesla Company has said Tesla Roadster will be capable of 0 to 97 km/h (0 to 60 mph) in 1.9 seconds, faster than any street-legal production car to date at its release in November 2017.

The Tesla Roadster is the successor to Tesla’s first production car, which was the 2008 Tesla Roadster.

As an all-electric supercar, It maximizes the potential of aerodynamic engineering with record-setting performance and power.

Tesla tesla roadster interior: It is the first supercar to set every performance record and still fit seating for 4.

Tesla Roadster comes with a lightweight, removable Glass Roof stores in the trunk for an open-air, equivalent driving experience.


Tesla Roadster (2020) Price in USA

Tesla Roadster Price in USA

➤ Base Price: $200,000

➤ Base Reservation Price: $50,000


 Tesla Roadster Price in India 202o

tesla roadster price

➤  Expected Price: ₹ 300,00,000


Tesla Roadster 2020 Specifications

Tesla Roadster 2020 Specifications

Tesla Roadster Acceleration 0-60 mph
1.9 sec
Tesla Roadster Acceleration 0-100 mph 4.2 sec
Tesla Roadster Acceleration 1/4 mile 8.8 sec
Tesla Roadster Top Speed Over 250 mph
Wheel Torque 10,000 Nm
Mile Range 620 miles
Seating 4
Drive All-Wheel Drive
Tesla Roadster Base Price $200,000
Tesla Roadster Base Reservation $50,000
Founders Series Price $250,000
Founders Series Reservation
(1,000 reservations available)


Tesla Roadster Wallpaper

Tesla Tesla Roadster Price in India

tesla roadster speed

tesla roadster top speed

tesla roadster interior

tesla roadster in space

tesla roadster 0-100


Tesla Roadster 2020 Review Video

Official Website: tesla.com

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