Mahindra E Supro Price, Specification, Review, Features & Images

Mahindra E Supro Price in India 2023, Specification, Mileage, Review, Overview

Mahindra produces eSupro, a stylish & spacious Electric Cargo van which is a whole new concept in cargo shipping and people movement.

It is an advanced electric Cargo van that brings emissions down to zero, complete zero. The Mahindra eSupro Electric Cargo van with zero-emission has many benefits. 

Mahindra eSupro comes in 2 models that is first of its kind in India: A spacious and secure Electric cargo van and a stylish comfortable 8-seater passenger van.

Mahindra E Supro Price List in India 2023

Ex-showroom Prices (in Rs.) DELHI
Cargo Van Rs.1205771
Passenger Van Rs.1161926
Ex-showroom Prices (in Rs.) AHMEDABAD
Cargo Van Rs.1080779
Passenger Van Rs.1092778

Mahindra E Supro Features

Mahindra E Supro Features

➤ Zero On Emissions:

The Mahindra eSupro van is a battery-powered electric van, It provides emission-free and eco-friendly.

➤ Direct Drive Transmission:

Mahindra eSupro designed with a Direct drive transmission system with a single-speed gearbox and advanced speed management of the motor provides you to travel through traffic effortlessly without changing gears.

➤ Home Charging:

Charging the Mahindra eSupro Cargo Electric Van is as simple as charging your mobile phone.  You need to just plug it into a 15 amp plug point and get a   0-100% charge in just 8 hours 30 mins*.

➤ Electric Drive Motor:

The Mahindra eSupro Cargo Electric Van outstanding power of 25kW & 90 Nm torque makes your drive smooth with a top speed of 60kms/hr.

The Mahindra eSupro Cargo Electric Van and passenger van have a range of 115* and 112* kms individually.

➤ Regenerative Braking:

This innovative technology charges Mahindra eSupro Cargo Electric Van battery every time its brakes are applied, helping the van completely recover the energy it distributes.

➤ Unique Instrument Cluster:

Mahindra eSupro Cargo Electric Van Stylish instrument cluster gives important information Like: Distance to Empty (DTE), State of Charge (Battery %),  Total Running, Speed, Gear Engaged, and E-gen efficiency.

➤ Lithium Ion Batteries:

The Mahindra eSupro Cargo Electric Van designed with a 72V battery pack of long-life, maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries.

➤ Boost Mode:

Give the Mahindra eSupro Cargo Electric Van with the extra power to handle steep slopes with ease.

➤ Revive:

Mahindra eSupro Cargo Electric Van Emergency feature provides 7 kms of extra range when you are out of charge to reach the nearest charging point.

Mahindra E Supro Specification

➤ Battery and Electric Motor: 

Battery Pack Rating 200Ah
Electric Motor 3-ph, AC induction
Max Power 25kW @ 3000 rpm
Max Torque 90Nm @ 1500 rpm

➤ Performance:

Top Speed (km/hr) 60
Battery Range (kms) 112* (Passenger Van)/ 115* (Cargo Van)
Charge Time (0 to 100% @25ºC) 8 hours 30 minutes

➤ Vehicle Dimensions:

Length (mm) 3798
Width (mm) 1540
Height (mm) 1922
Wheelbase (mm) 1950
Ground Clearance (mm) 130

➤ Suspension :

Front McPherson Strut with Coil Spring
Rear Leaf Spring

➤ Wheels & Tyres:

Wheels 4.5J x 13
Tyre Size 155/80 R13 Radial Tubeless (33cm)

➤ Brakes:

Front Hydraulic, Disc
Rear Hydraulic, Drum

➤ Other:

Model Cargo Van Passenger Van
Seating Capacity Driver + Co-Driver 8 Seater
Loading Bay (L x W in ft) 6x4x4
Loading Volume (litre) 2330
Payload (kg) 600
Gross Weight (kg) 1920 1920
Kerb Weight (kg) 1320 1320

➤ Warranty:

Vehicle 2yrs / 40,000kms**
Battery 3yrs / 40,000kms**

Mahindra E Supro Review Video

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