Mahindra EVerito Electric Car Price Specs Features Review & Images

Mahindra EVerito Price in India 2023, Specifications, Mileage, Review, Range, Images, Overview

Mahindra EVerito Electric Car Price Specs Features Review & Images

Mahindra launched the e-Verito electric sedan in 3 Models priced at Rs. 9.5 lakh (Mahindra EVerito D2), 9.75 lakh (Mahindra EVerito D4) and Rs. 10 lakh (Mahindra EVerito D6) ex-showroom  Price in Delhi. The Mahindra EVerito Electric car is a proper five-seater sedan with 510-liter boot space.

Its Best in class Key features such as Running cost of 1.15PER KM, Fast Charge in 1 HOUR 45 MINUTES, RANGE OF 140 KM in 1 charge, o EMISSIONS Green vehicle AND Clutch Free Driving. It’s more features you can check out below.

Mahindra EVerito Electric Car Features

➤ Low Cost Of Maintainance:

Zero-combustion model means less moving parts. It means less chances of parts breaking and lower cost of maintenance.

➤ Low Running Cost:

At just 1.15/km, Mahindra eVerito Electric Car beats almost all other Electric cars on running costs.* The Mahindra eVerito Electric Car cost is calculated with these figures: 18 units of electricity used at 7Rs a unit, at a range of 110 km.

➤ Government Incentives:

The Government too thinks that an all-electric, zero-emission car is tomorrow’s journey towards better flow solutions. 

➤ Zero Tailpipe Emission:

This Mahindra Verito Electric Car issues zero-emission. It is because the Mahindra Verito is an all-electric car that doesn’t need a tailpipe!

➤ REVive Feature: 

The copyright to Mahindra Electric, this technology helps neutralize range stress by giving you a few additional kilometers in case you run out of charge.

You can access Mahindra EVerito Electric Car REVive by contacting us from the car’s instrument cluster.

➤ Easy To Charge:

Charging the Mahindra EVerito Electric Car is as easy as charging your mobile phone. Youn can Just plug the on-board charger into any normal 15Amp socket and you are able to go. Charge easily, anytime, at your workplace, home parking lot.

➤ Regenerative Braking:

This Mahindra EVerito Electric Car technology provides you to charge your car every time you press the brakes. so you think How is this possible?

Every time you hit the brakes or the times when you don’t use the accelerator, the kinetic energy of the Mahindra EVerito Electric Car is transformed into electric energy and charges the Mahindra electric car.

➤ Boost Mode: 

You get immediate torque to zoom with maximum energy right from the minute you start with the Mahindra EVerito Electric Car boost mode.

➤ Mahindra Everito interior:

This Mahindra all-electric sedan car doesn’t only look good from the outside, but also good from the inside. Feel ultimate comfort with Mahindra EVerito Electric Car Spacious interiors.

➤ Direct Drive Transmission:

Mahindra EVerito Electric Car comes with Direct Drive transmission system, the Mahindra EVerito Electric Car runs without a standard gearbox,

which means no clutch! It translates to zero mechanical reduction resulting in maximum performance and maximum savings.

Mahindra EVerito Electric Car Price in India 2023

mahindra verito electric car price in india

➤ Mahindra EVerito D2 NFC Electric Car Price: Rs. 1011000.

➤ Mahindra EVerito D4 NFC Electric Car Price: Rs. 1037000

➤ Mahindra EVerito D6 FC Electric Car Price: Rs. 1047001

Mahindra EVerito Specifications

Mahindra EVerito Specs

D2              D4          D6

Motor 72V 3-phase AC Induction Motor
Emission Zero Tailpipe Emission, Green Vehicle
Max. Gross Power 30.5 kW (41 hp) @ 3500 rpm
Max. Gross Torque 91 Nm @ 3000 rpm
Max Speed @Gross Vehicle Weight 86 km/hr
Transmission Direct Drive Single Speed Transmission
Tyres 185/70 R14 tubeless (Low Rolling Resistance Tires)
Front Suspension Macpherson type with wishbone link
Rear Suspension H-section torsion beam with programmed deflection coil spring
Front Brakes Disk
Rear Brakes Drum
Battery Capacity 200 Ah
Normal Charging Time 8 hours 45 mins*, 0-100%
Fast Charging Time 1 hours 45 mins*, 0-80%
Full Charge Range 110 km**
Turning Circle Radius 5.25 m
Gross Vehicle Weight 1700 kg
Wheelbase (mm) 2630
Overall Length (mm) 4247
Overall Width (mm) 1740
Overall Height (mm) 1540
Seating Capacity 5 Seater
Boot Space 510 Litres

Mahindra EVerito Electric Car Review Video

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